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Why don’t Chuzhibao’s infrared energy-saving stoves smoke the pot?

1. It uses a completely premixed combustion method to improve the structure of the burner, so that the gas is completely mixed with enough air before burning. At the same time, the radiant combustion plate of the stove has more than 8,000 fire holes, so that the gas has enough The air burns and the combustion is very full, so the "chemical heat loss" is reduced.  2. Infrared is a burning plate made of specially required materials. The heat generated by this burning plate is converted into infrared heat radiation transfer. The radiative heat transfer has a strong directionality and will not change its combustion method due to external factors. Most of its heat is concentrated on the bottom of the pot and burned, and it is better absorbed by the heated object, which greatly reduces the "thermal physics". loss". Tested by the national authority, the heat rate of the infrared furnace is as high as 67%. On the other hand, the "atmospheric type" does not burn sufficiently, and what we call chemical heat loss, the unburned gas heat is wasted by the white hundred ②"atmospheric type" stove. It is the flame that transfers heat to the bottom of the pot through convection, but the contact between the flame and the bottom of the pot is only a moment, and a large amount of heat is not used, and it is dissipated to the space, which is called thermal physical loss. The thermal efficiency of all atmospheric types is usually only 55%, so infrared energy saving is incomparable to atmospheric types, and the heat flow of atmospheric type is mostly about 4.5, while infrared only needs to reach a heat flow of about 3.2, which can also achieve the same. Power, just like the current energy-saving lamps, a 10-watt energy-saving lamp can also achieve the brightness of a 60-watt lamp, so infrared is very energy-saving.

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