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Chuzhibao Zhengjia Appears at Kujiale, the first cool + online exhibition, invites you to witness

On March 4th, the home furnishing industry's first online ecological exhibition of the year-"Cool+" kicked off, centering on the theme of "cloud shopping 2020, technology leading the future of homes", more than one hundred influential home furnishing companies and A large number of designers will gather at the exhibition to bring the most cutting-edge new product display and event shock to the industry.

Good news: Shaanxi market strong business linkage will begin soon

Time: A grand kick-off meeting will be held on April 20th, which will last for 14 days. 4. Participants: full-staff marketing. Headquarters support + regional cooperation + consultant guidance = the division of victory. Accurately target the potential target customer groups in the participating regions, target the benchmark brands, lock the whitelist, and accurately place inbound traffic ads throughout the process.

Perfect ending! Live online sales exceeded 2 million

Good news: Kitchen Treasure is at home · It must not be guaranteed. 4.17 Live broadcast has achieved more than 2 million sales! The sudden epidemic caused businesses to press the pause button. It has had a significant impact on the country, on businesses, and on enterprises. The more difficult the business environment

New products listed! Minimalism is a life philosophy

In this spring of 2020, more people will understand: Living well is more important than anything else. We customize the space according to the needs and preferences of users, and the overall combination makes coordination and unique style unique. The treasure of the kitchen is at home, innovating in inheritance, and carving the art of life with ingenuity.
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