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working principle   The motor in the machine body drives the wind wheel in the wind cabinet to rotate, and a certain negative pressure is formed in the air inlet area, and a negative pressure area is formed in a certain space above the stove through the drainage of the smoke collecting hood;   The oil fume gas around the negative pressure zone is attracted to the wind net, filtered and separated a part of the large particles of oil pollution, and the rest of the gas enters the centrifugal fan system inside the hood; After the wind wheel rotates at a high speed, the oil fume gas is thrown out of the wind wheel by the centrifugal force to separate the oil fume again. The separated oil flows into the oil cup through the oil guiding system, and the purified fume follows the smoke along the direction of the arc of the wind cabinet. The pipe is discharged outside.

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Disinfection of tableware is a process of using physical or chemical methods to kill pathogenic microorganisms in cleaned tableware. In terms of function, disinfection cabinets on the market usually have three disinfection methods: high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection, as well as the combined disinfection methods between them. The following is a brief description of its working principle.
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