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Level 1 energy efficiency
Double suction on the top side, design breakthrough and further, breaking the traditional shackles
The 350 depth matches perfectly with the cabinet, easy to clean, and does not touch your head
Parabolic smoke trap system designed with arc inner angle; super large static pressure 400Pa
Prevent oil fume from pouring; heat wave automatic cleaning, long lasting suction power
Infrared somatosensory operation, free hands; full screen switch, high-end atmosphere
Fully plastic-sealed three-speed three-proof motor, large suction power, noise ≤58dB
The smoke guide plate is easy to disassemble, it is more convenient to clean and maintain, and it can be stopped at 90 degrees.
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Product Details

A new generation of smart hood

Wisdom control close to sucking oil fume can't get on the face

Near-suction speed row|18m3 stir-frying wind|Waving smart control|Three-proof motor;


Eight powerful, each perform its duties

Enjoy the different pleasure of net smoke;


Top suction + side suction

Combine powerfully to clean smoke gods;
Break the traditional shackles and take the best of the two;


18m3 burst ceiling side double row

Combine powerfully to clean smoke gods;


Multiple gears

3 levels of air volume can be adjusted as you like

Different cooking modes, different air volume;


400Pa strong exhaust power

Smooth exhaust without backflow;


Only 2 kWh per week

Energy-saving, low-carbon, electricity-saving and money-saving;

National energy efficiency standards;

Save electricity more than a little bit;

Not all range hoods are first-class energy efficiency in the national standard;


New upgrade

Fully enclosed three-proof motor

Enclosed motor, large suction power forever, large power and long life;

Prevent the motor from overheating and extend the operating life of the motor;

Multiple noise reduction design, large suction power can also low noise;

Waterproof/oil/corrosion is truly water and electricity isolation;


Flexible smoke control with a light wave

Switch air volume and wave your hand to open

Wave to the right: turn on the lighting and work in slow gear;

Wave to the left: turn off the hood;


Self-cleaning without adding water

Keep the smoke machine lasting and strong

Intelligent thermal cleaning, no cumbersome steps to add water to clean and worry-free

Maintain high suction power, no need to add water, eliminate peculiar smell, and longer life;


Simple 3-step power as new

Long press the bright button to turn on the self-cleaning function;

High-grade air volume for 12 minutes to melt oil and sewage, 3 minutes to dry;

Pour out the oil in the oil cup and the cleaning is over;


Can't clean it?

Flip type smoke guide design

Easily clean the hood without dead corners, stop at 90 degrees;


Because love is the responsibility

Carve good times with quality

Parabolic smoke trap system designed with arc inner corner;

The LED cold light food status is clear at a glance;

Large-capacity oil tank reduces the number of dumping;

The hoarding can be removed for cleaning and maintenance more convenient;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CXW-218-D237
  • Smoke pipe diameter:∅170mm
  • Product Size:900x350x1000mm
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 1 energy efficiency
  • power supply:220V/50Hz
  • Wind pressure:≧400Pa
  • Wind volume:18m3/min
  • Noise:≦58dB

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