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Level 1 energy efficiency
Intelligent voice control, recognize 50 dialects
Smart Security Technology
260*150 large wind wheel
Maximum static pressure 450Pa, 2.0 infrared motion sensor switch
Humanized thermal degreasing design, one-key stir-frying function
Noise ≤58dB, all-round glass easy to clean design
Matte skin feel body material
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Product Details

Fresh kitchen, fast exhaust and smoke-free

Meet various cooking needs;

21m3/min high suction|intelligent voice control|intelligent security function;


Create an elegant smoke-free kitchen

Six major smoke-cleaning countermeasures, to clean smoke for you;


Top side double suction domineering hurricane second suction

Make the kitchen more elegant;
Super submersible suction arc;

The closer you are to the smoke source, the better the smoking effect. The lower-mounted air inlet is designed in the golden smoke-trapping area, so the oil fume is instantly sucked away;


Closer to the source of smoke

The distance from oil fume to the exhaust vent is shortened by half, and smoking is cleaner when it is closer to the source of smoke. The oil fume can be inhaled as soon as it rises;

Far away from the source of smoke: oily fume easily escapes everywhere and smoking is not effective;

Closer to the smoke source: Stir-frying and strong suction, good super quiet suction performance to prevent oily smoke from escaping;


Fume trend comparison

The Chuzhibao hood is closer to the source of smoke, and the smoking effect is better;


Intelligent voice control

Can recognize 50 dialects;

Intelligent voice control is more caring for the elderly;

With its company, cooking will no longer be dry and lonely and enjoy the comfort of cooking;


Smart Security Technology

If the air or gas is too high, it will automatically start and exhaust;


21m3 variable frequency DC system

Let the kitchen have a hard core;

21m3 strong instantaneous suction and all-round strong smoke lock on the top side;

Stir-fried chili is not afraid to smoke without any smoke;


One-key high-temperature thermal degreasing design

Soften greasy dirt, avoid washing and prevent leakage, save trouble and be safer;


Three steps to understand hot dry cleaning

01. Heat at 80℃ for 12 minutes;

02. Cracking and melting of oil pollution into liquid;

03. The motor starts to rotate to discharge the oil;


450Pa high static pressure

No matter how high the building is, there is no fear;

Quick discharge of oil fume can be unimpeded during the peak cooking period without backflow;


Renew the kitchen air at your fingertips

Make the kitchen more intelligent;

Bid farewell to oily smoke between waving hands;

Equipped with Al gesture control system and infrared somatosensory control, you can turn on and off the machine with a light swipe of your hand, bid farewell to pressing the keys with oily hands;

Wave left to right to start the fast gear lighting of the hood;

Waving right to left, turn off the hood to stop running;


High-quality plastic-encapsulated three-proof motor

The closed design is waterproof, dust-proof and oily and smoke-proof;

Overheat protection protects the motor from damage;

Continuous power with strong speed and high speed motor;

Fire-proof and high-temperature protection without fear of damage after repeated high-temperature cleaning

Waterproof design, no water and no oil leakage under self-cleaning state;


What you can see is good and what you can't see is intentional

Let the kitchen be more attentive;

Energy-saving and power-saving soft light with soft LED light reaches the center of the pan

Large-capacity oil cup extends the cleaning cycle;

The matte skin-feel body material is easy to clean;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CXW-300-D208
  • Smoke pipe diameter:∅185mm
  • Product Size:900x355x1000mm
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 1 energy efficiency
  • power supply:220V/50Hz
  • Wind pressure:≧450Pa
  • Wind volume:21m3/min
  • Noise:≦58dB

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