-Class energy efficiency, extremely fast wind volume of 24m3
1000 Pa wind pressure, automatic cruise booster
Automatic thermal cleaning, DC variable frequency permanent magnet motor
Double cavity double close design, 2.0 infrared somatosensory switch
—Key stir-fry function, easy to detach double smoke plate
Noise ≤58dB, pressurized air cabinet
Easy-to-disassemble hoarding, submersible suction design
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First-class energy efficiency, extremely fast wind volume of 20m3
Cloud board ring suction technology, one-click stir-fry function
100W plastic package three-proof three-speed motor, maximum speed 1800 rpm
Maximum static pressure 400Pa, 2.0 infrared motion sensor switch
Humanized thermal degreasing design, easy to dismantle oil fume separation net
Noise ≤58dB, 4000 square millimeters of air inlet area
Easy-to-detach hoarding, sinking design
Diamond beveling technology, suede and skin-friendly body material
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Level 1 energy efficiency
Adopt Archimedes spiral, smooth exhaust, low noise
Four-dimensional three-dimensional air intake, seamless collection of smoke cavity, integrated molding and easy to clean
Unique horn air intake effect, exhaust smoke more quickly
Fully enclosed copper wire motor, noise ≤58dB
Three-speed touch motion sensor switch, simple appearance and simple operation
Integral deflector, the top plate is made of tempered glass, easy to clean
Adopt advanced thermal degreasing function, one-key hot wash to remove oil accumulation in dead corners
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