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Product Name


Top suction
First-class energy efficiency, extremely fast wind volume of 20m3
Cloud board ring suction technology, one-click stir-fry function
100W plastic package three-proof three-speed motor, maximum speed 1800 rpm
Maximum static pressure 400Pa, 2.0 infrared motion sensor switch
Humanized thermal degreasing design, easy to dismantle oil fume separation net
Noise ≤58dB, 4000 square millimeters of air inlet area
Easy-to-detach hoarding, sinking design
Diamond beveling technology, suede and skin-friendly body material
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Product Details

Super suction black technology

Originated from cloud board ring suction technology;

The large-area expansion of the annular negative pressure area under the range hood makes the smoke gathering effect stronger, and the oil will never escape everywhere;

900mm wide smoke, 400Pa high wind pressure exhaust, 1 energy saving and first energy efficiency, cloud board ring suction


Six core technologies

Domineering clean smoke and fresh kitchen;

Cloud board ring suction technology, 18m3 large suction power, concealed oil net, clean with one wipe, the deflector expands the negative pressure, and the body is skin-friendly;


Separation of oil fume, easy to disassemble and wash

Fearless double stove pressure

Establish a multi-directional blockade without dead ends, effectively reduce the risk of smoke escape, deep-cavity smoke and oily smoke will not spread, even if the two stoves are opened at the same time, it can cover the oily smoke;


Net smoke and zero touch

Waving and saying goodbye to oily smoke

Waving in the air, the air volume can be controlled by waving;


No need to touch the buttons

No need to touch the button to reduce oil pollution when shifting gears;


18m3/min super suction

There is no oily fumes wherever you go with the powerful suction power;


High performance plastic motor

Strong sealing and more stable performance;

Optimize the centrifugal impeller to increase the exhaust air volume;

The design of widened air duct is more powerful;


400Pa high wind pressure speed exhaust fumes never backflow

The nemesis of the public flue;


There is a big difference to cover the oil

Concealed oil net design, oil pollution can not be seen to solve the unspeakable concealment of oil pollution, and enjoy good cooking;


Hot dry cleaning, automatic degreasing to release hands

Washing in the kitchen, no hands, no need to add water. Wisdom life is free and clean;


A light touch, as beautiful as new

Special non-stick oil process, easy to clean, simple and trouble-free;

Concealed strip, large oil cup, easy to disassemble;

Easy to clean the cloud board, wipe each side of the board and clean it;


Ingenious details, meticulously carved

Elegant rounded corner design with rounded edges, preventing head-to-head and scratching;

LED cold light is delicious;

The sliding cover design is cleaner and more worry-free;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CXW-218-9000-D203
  • Smoke pipe diameter:∅185mm
  • Product Size:900x355x1000mm
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 1 energy efficiency
  • power supply:220V/50Hz
  • Wind pressure:≧400Pa
  • Wind volume:18m3/min
  • Noise:≦58dB

Installation diagram


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