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Level 1 energy efficiency
Use 800*130 ultra-low and large air inlet to achieve quick suction and quick discharge
Nano imitation lotus leaf detachable double-layer oil fume separation oil net, oil fume separation can reach more than 80%
3 seconds to prevent accidental touch motion sensor switch; 78 intelligent fill light beads, sufficient light
One-key heating and degreasing function, save money, effort and worry
32-fold plastic-sealed three-speed motor, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-corrosion
Three-speed 1200 rpm ultra-quiet, noise ≤58dB
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Product Details

Intelligent thermal oil removal

Long lasting suction

Chuzhibao large suction hood D235;

l8m3/min high suction power, high temperature heat cleaning, waved hand control, super large air inlet;


18m3/min hurricane suction

Stir fry as much as you like

Instantly inhale heavy smoke and heavy oil, stir-fry chili without choking your nose, and you can cook refreshingly on hot days;


Tooyan widescreen

Large area of oily smoke is instantly inhaled without a trace

Quickly gather and evaporate oily fume to achieve quick inhalation and quick discharge;

The lower air inlet prevents oily smoke from getting on the face;

Detachable oil fume separation net, oil fume separation reaches more than 80%;


Surging suction

From the powerful fan system

Teflon strong wind wheel + fully enclosed three-proof plastic-sealed motor;

Teflon wheel strong wind wheel, fully enclosed plastic motor;


Only 2 kWh per week

Energy-saving, low-carbon, power-saving and money-saving;

National energy efficiency standards;

Save electricity more than a little bit;

Not all range hoods are first-class energy efficiency in the national standard;


One-key hot oil removal function

Save money, effort and worry

No hands-on, no need to add water, easy degreasing, long lasting suction power;

Thermal cracking self-cleaning, no safety hazards, quick washing and no rust;

Trouble adding water manually, there is a risk of leakage, and the inner cavity is easy to corrode;


Somatosensory control

Wave your hand to turn on zero touch

3 seconds to prevent accidentally touching the somatosensory switch, easy and easy to take care of;

It is difficult to turn on the touch screen with water on the hand

Kneading noodles and cutting vegetables is dirty and difficult to clean;

The panel is greasy and dirty and the hood is difficult to clean;


58dB low noise suction

Quiet cooking is more worry-free

Low noise operation gives you a quiet cooking environment;


more details

Detachable oil fume separation oil net nano-like lotus leaf non-stick oil technology;

The 45°no-meet design makes cooking skills more comfortable;

Detachable oil fume separation oil net nano-like lotus leaf non-stick oil technology;

The large-capacity oil cup quickly accumulates oil and does not leak oil;

Explosion-proof glass panel is safe with one touch;

Three-speed gear adjustment to meet your different needs;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CXW-218-D235
  • Smoke pipe diameter:∅185mm
  • Product Size:900x410x920mm
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 1 energy efficiency
  • power supply:220V/50Hz
  • Wind pressure:≧420Pa
  • Wind volume:18m3/min
  • Noise:≦58dB

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