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Level 1 energy efficiency
Fully sealed copper wire left and right motor
∅240mm×80mm×∅12-axis left and right double wind wheels
Automatic opening and closing of glass, noise≤58dB
Six-key two-speed touch switch
Intimate hot oil removal function
One-click stir-fry function
12V1×4W rectangular LED light
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Product Details

Who is fighting

Create a smart smoke-free kitchen;

A new generation of creative upgrading subverts traditional design and achieves classics;



Intelligent touch control, enclosed copper motor, strong suction double wind wheel, automatic hot washing, intelligent opening and closing design, strong suction and strong discharge, 900mm giant screen, LED energy-saving cold light lamp;


Lower turbo dual motor

Aim at the oil fume at close range to instantly increase the suction and discharge of oil fume

TWO dual-core power;


High-speed super suction power

All-copper enclosed motor;

Stable and efficient, fully enclosed, no rust and no oil pollution;

Copper water and electricity isolation double-sealed motor;

High-speed and high-speed super suction power;

The service life of pure copper refined winding can reach more than 12 years;

Imported NSK bearings are stable and efficient, with better mute effect;

The enclosed motor will not rust or enter the oil;


First-class energy efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection

Upgrade the first-level energy efficiency of the national standard, and a low-carbon kitchen is worth having;

A new chapter in energy saving and low carbon;

Not all range hoods are first-class energy efficiency in the national standard;

The use time is about 1.2 hours per day/day 1.2 hours X7 days×268W~=2 degrees;


Double flick and smoke

The large wind wheel double turbocharger increases the suction power of the hood

TWO core turbine;


One-key automatic cleaning

The hot washing system automatically heats up;

The high-temperature degreasing and degreasing sterilization hood has a new look-new;

The volute is heated from the outside to the inside, the grease is melted, and it is spin-dried at high speed;


900mm widescreen smoke

900mm wide smoke control area, wider range of lampblack and lampblack, all in control;


One-click stir-fry function

Stir fry

The function of "stir-frying and instant suction" is specially tailored for Chinese kitchens;

Chinese cooking likes to stir-fry vegetables with rapid fire. During the whole process, nearly 80% of the oil fume is produced in the first minute. The "stir-fried instant suction" has a suction volume of up to 19 cubic meters per minute, which can change the air at least twice for a general family kitchen in one minute to create a clean kitchen;


New operation method

Infrared induction design, easy to start with waving hand;

Somatosensory in seconds is the general trend;

The real key operation is good, but there is no ability to echo in the air;

Waving Smart Control Use smart wave instead of rushing button;

Prevent oil pollution and reduce the contamination of hoods and cross hands;


Glass automatic opening and closing smoke guide screen

Innovative technology, feel the real intelligence;

Infrared wave hand sensing;

Automatic opening and closing panel;


Silent cooking environment

56dB low-noise cooking, quiet and clean life;

Silent operation;


Six-key two-speed touch switch

Intelligent touch control, with intelligent somatosensory function;

Open a new experience of intelligent kitchen;


Shell's intimate inclination design

Side close suction design, clean smoke more efficiently;

Humanized design, side suction does not meet;

More free space, the fan is closer to the oily smoke;


Hidden oil cup

Stainless steel large-capacity oil cup;

Easy to disassemble and clean;


Stainless steel oil strainer

The degree of grease separation is high to prevent oil droplets from entering the inside of the hood;


Energy-saving LED lights

Energy-saving LED cold light lighting;

The light is soft and does not hurt the eyes;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CXW-218-D268
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 1 energy efficiency
  • Wind volume:18 m3/min
  • Wind pressure:≥300pa
  • Noise:≤ 56dB
  • Dimensions:900*385*885mm

Installation diagram


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