Built-in, the most convenient dishwasher in the kitchen Small size (same as embedded disinfection cabinet), standard disinfection cabinet size, can be directly replaced and installed
Large capacity (10 sets of national standard), pots and pans can be washed at one time, suitable for a family of 4~10
Food grade stainless steel inner tank, easy to clean; stainless steel slide
Triple filtration system to ensure washing efficiency
Quadruple spray system, leaving no dead ends
Durable plastic base, never rusting
Integral door frame, beautiful and generous
Simple large font display; 24-hour scheduled appointment
Soft water adjustment, soft water washing to prevent scaling
mini dispenser, automatically adding dishwashing powder and rinse aid
Sterilization rate 99.99%
Dimensions (mm): width 595 * height 620 * depth 500mm
Hole size (mm): width 560 * height 605 * depth 550mm
Volume (set): 10 sets
Power (w): 1400W
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