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Product Name


Level 1 energy efficiency
80W plastic package copper wire motor
240mm×150mm electrophoresis wind wheel
Black spraying non-stick oil smoke collecting cavity
Five-key three-speed touch, separate motion sensor switch
12V1×1.5W rectangular LED light
Hidden oil cup, hidden design beautiful and coordinated
Noise ≤58dB
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Product Details

Strong close suction and fast exhaust smokeless

Near-suction speed exhaust, somatosensory switch, copper wire motor;

Change multiple experience functions at once and upgrade again to set industry benchmarks;


Smart touch

Somatosensory switch, lower turbine, sealed motor;



Cooking with high suction is more interesting;

16m3/min high suction power;

Mass oil fume is quickly sucked out;


Teflon oil net

Teflon technology treats the oil net, renews the kitchen, and does not stick to the oil;


Down-mounted turbine

The under-mounted turbo single motor instantly turbocharges, increases the exhaust air volume, aims at the stove, smokes at the source, and prevents the spread of oil smoke and real near-inhalation;

The top-mounted impeller is too far away from the oil smoke source, the wind pressure is small, and the smoking speed is slow;

The semi-hanging impeller has low wind pressure and average smoking speed;

D272 lower-mounted impeller, close to the source of oil fume, fast smoking speed and wide range;


Energy saving and environmental protection

Green and low-carbon life;

Save electricity more than a little bit;

Not all range hoods are first-class energy efficiency in the national standard;


Enclosed copper motor

Waterproof/fireproof/electric isolation/silent;

Copper water and electricity isolation double-sealed motor;

High speed and high speed super suction power, pure copper refined winding service life can reach more than 12 years, imported NSK bearings are stable and efficient, and have better mute effect, and the enclosed motor does not rust or enter oil;


Electrophoresis wind wheel

The diameter of the wind wheel is 240mm, and the suction power is stronger;


When clean meets quiet

The sound is as low as 72dB, as long as the suction is large, no loud noises are required;


Full air operation

The new upper and lower somatosensory switches sense the power of technology;

Far better than traditional touch switches;

When the dishes are just washed, the hands are full of water drops and the touch is not working;

When the meat is cut, the hand is greasy and easy to stain the hood;

Touching the hood when the hood is very dirty will make your hands dirty;


Black non-stick oil coke smoke cavity

The black non-stick oiler sets the smoke cavity, which is easy to clean, and the oil smoke is under control;


Widescreen smoke

Cover the soot rising area;

Lock the oil fume and not escape;


More attentive

Carry out every corner of the product with quality;


Simple body

Integrated black crystal explosion-proof glass widescreen + stainless steel body, explosion-proof, anti-scalding and easy to clean, light up your kitchen;

Hidden oil cup;

The hidden design is beautiful and coordinated, and the large capacity reduces the number of oil pouring. Stainless steel material is convenient for cleaning;


Touch the motion sensor switch

The function is comprehensive and free to use, the function is reasonable design, it is more convenient to use, the touch is delicate and the touch is sensitive;

Touch/Somatosensory combo;

Both options are equally convenient;

Somatosensory switch: wave your hand to clean smoke, a new experience of rapid smoke removal;

Five-key touch: Highly sensitive response, one key to the bottom of my heart;


LED lighting

LED energy-saving cold light lamps use less electricity, and the light is soft and not dazzling; the cooking status can be seen at a glance;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CXW-218-D272
  • Panel material:Stainless steel + tempered glass
  • Product Size:900x390×840mm
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 1 energy efficiency
  • power supply:220V/50Hz
  • Wind pressure:≧350Pa
  • Wind volume:16 m3/min
  • Noise:≦72dB

Installation diagram


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