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780*450 black rear air intake aluminum cladding tempered glass panel
Shaped steel plate matte enamel hob, black brushed stainless steel water tray
Cast iron burner, round hole embossed ceramic plate
220V mains + battery dual purpose
Ion flameout protection, first-class energy efficiency
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Product Details

Desire delicious for you

Just to give you a better cooking experience;

High thermal efficiency, fast ignition, first-class energy efficiency, strong flame firepower, safe child lock, flameout protection, 780 large panel, explosion-proof tempered glass, energy-concentrating furnace frame;


Eco-friendly and healthy life

Infrared healthy fire, effective pre-mixing of oxygen and gas, burning more fully, no gas smell in the kitchen;


National standard first-level energy efficiency

Oxygen and fuel gas are effectively premixed, and the combustion is more complete;

40% gas saving/98% reduction in CO;


Shaped fire, high temperature and sufficient firepower

The taste is tightly locked when cooked at 1000℃ violently;

Fierce, steady and even;

How the shaped red light waves are produced;

The thermal efficiency is steadily improved to prevent the temperature from being too high;

The normal burning time in the first 15s, the red light wave formation process after 15s, the energy gathering light wave formation after 30s, and the thermal efficiency increase after 45s;


Honeycomb shaped energy ceramic burner

Advantages: high temperature resistance, thermal crack resistance, no deformation. Graphic design, uniform firepower;

Adopting complete premixing and flameless catalytic combustion technology, the gas is fully burned, and "free carbon" will not be produced to blacken the bottom of the pot


Windproof + waterproof

Open the window for cooking without fear of fire;

Far better than traditional touch switches;

3.2KW frying without pressure;


A powerful stove

Stir-fry, stew and cook everything well;


Broadband multi-stage fire control

The heat is easy to control, allowing your cooking skills to be fully utilized;


Pulse ignition needle

High-voltage pulse ignition technology, no need to wait for instant ignition;

Automatic flameout protection;

Unexpected flameout, automatically cut off the gas source, so that you can use it more assured;


Child lock protection

Don't be afraid of children, you need to press for five seconds to turn the ignition counterclockwise to prevent fire hazard;


The details of the design

Keep improving, unique craftsmanship;

When installing the non-slip rubber stove feet, you can choose desktop or embedded installation;

Damper adjustment When the flame is not burning properly, the damper can be adjusted finely to solve it;

The alloy universal air inlet adopts alloy thread design, which has stronger corrosion resistance and sealing;

Water-proof and heat-insulation button and water-proof switch design can reduce the soup from entering the cooker and effectively heat insulation;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CA2808GD
  • Panel material:Tempered glass panel
  • Product Size:780x450×140mm
  • Hole Size:665×355mm
  • Ignition method:High voltage pulse ignition
  • Rated heat load (KW):Left 3.2, right 3.2
  • Applicable air source:Liquefied Petroleum Gas 20Y/Natural Gas 12T
  • Flameout protection:Ion flameout protection

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