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780*450 black rear air intake aluminum cladding tempered glass panel
Shaped steel plate matte enamel hob, black brushed stainless steel water tray
Cast iron burner, round hole embossed ceramic plate
220V mains + battery dual purpose
Ion flameout protection, first-class energy efficiency
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Product Details

Gathering energy and flames

Start a new era of shaped stoves;


Stir-fried Chinese Stove

Cater to the high-temperature stir-fried demand of Chinese people;

First-class energy efficiency, quick ignition, high thermal efficiency, strong flame firepower, safe child lock, instantaneous protection, 780 large panel, explosion-proof tempered glass, energy-concentrating furnace frame;


Infrared health fire

Cater to the high-temperature stir-fried demand of Chinese people;

First-class energy efficiency, fierce cooking, energy-saving and gas-saving;


Level 1 energy efficiency

It can save about 200 yuan a year;

It can save about 200 yuan a year;

Save gas more than one point;

Not all gas stoves have a first-class effect;


No smoke and no open flame!

Adopt complete premixing and flameless catalytic combustion technology;


High temperature and sufficient firepower

1100°C strong fire cooking tightly and delicious;

Fierce, steady and even;

Far-infrared fast heat light wave 1100°C fire cooking, 8050 burning fire holes, the wind can not be extinguished, the water can be poured, and the energy-concentrated honeycomb plane design is evenly heated and not easy to burn;


Shaped honeycomb graphic design

Honeycomb structure, high strength, sound insulation, silent kitchen! Graphic design, the average firepower is not afraid of scorching, while the firepower gathers energy to ensure that all parts of the pot bottom are heated evenly, bid farewell to scorching trouble

Advantages of honeycomb flat ceramic plate: high temperature resistance, thermal crack resistance and no deformation. Graphic design, uniform firepower;

Disadvantages of the alloy concave combustion plate: the alloy is easy to be corroded and blocked, and it is easy to deform when heated. Fire focus is easy to scorch;


Know more about Chinese cuisine/cooking

Strong firepower, time-saving and convenient;

Frying/heat transfer uniform 180° flat design, more even heat transfer, stir-frying/strong firepower +∞ Xu Haoxing curved surface heat energy conversion increased by 30%, stewing/precision control stepless firepower adjustment, high fire, low fire stability;

The 180° pure plane design has uniform heat power and is not afraid of scorching to ensure that the heat is strong, while the heat transfer is even, bid farewell to the problem of easy scorching of other brands of cooking;

Double heat-gathering and locking energy upgrade heat-gathering energy ring The inner ring locks the infrared energy, and the outer ring locks the burning energy to transfer the diffused energy to the bottom of the pot, reducing energy loss;


Five major configurations, ten times safer

1. Flameless and windproof design; 2. Non-slip iron pot bracket; 3. Explosion-proof and easy-to-clean panel; 4. Ion flameout protection; 5. Safe child lock switch.


Child lock protection

When turning the switch, press it gently to avoid accidents caused by children touching the knob;

Multiple tempered glass, clean with one wipe, bright as new, bid farewell to difficult to clean;

The first step: gently press down;

Step 2: Adjust the firepower to the left;


Thermocouple flameout protection

Quickly sense accidental flameout;

Cut off the air source power supply within 4 seconds;


780mm large panel

It can not only match various hood sizes, but also place large-capacity pots;


Multi-layer explosion-proof, more assured

Surface tempered glass, multi-layer explosion-proof design;

Thickened toughened glass, softened dust-proof board, high-density heat-dissipating aluminum wire, explosion-proof fiber, metal explosion-proof membrane, reinforced bottom layer;


High-temperature calcination, smooth grate

Thicken and widen, stable furnace frame;

High temperature resistance, no deformation;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CA2809GD
  • Panel material:Tempered glass panel
  • Product Size:780x450×140mm
  • Hole Size:665×355mm
  • Ignition method:High voltage pulse ignition
  • Rated heat load (KW):Left 3.2, right 3.2
  • Applicable air source:Liquefied Petroleum Gas 20Y/Natural Gas 12T
  • Flameout protection:Ion flameout protection

Installation diagram


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