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Oxygen-free copper environmentally friendly heat exchanger, higher thermal efficiency, more durable All copper wire motor, long service life, low temperature rise
With leakage protection, safe and worry-free
Smart touch buttons, large LED display, stylish and beautiful
High-efficiency silent closed burner, more complete combustion, lower exhaust gas emissions
-Body exhaust system, low noise
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Product Details

Intelligent constant temperature, enjoy worry-free

Intelligent and constant water temperature, without fear of cold temperature changes;

Four seasons constant temperature, low water pressure start, two-speed fan, ±1° temperature control, 11L large capacity, oxygen-free copper water tank, 5 rows of large firepower, intelligent chip, multiple safety protection;


Intelligent AI constant temperature type

11L gas water heater;

Wash immediately after opening, no need to wait for a bath, intelligent constant temperature chip, stylish touch control screen, oxygen-free copper water tank;


Always warm throughout the four seasons

Wide-range temperature regulation meets the water demand of different environments;





±1°C intelligent constant temperature

The skin does not feel the change in water temperature;


National standard secondary energy efficiency

Energy saving|High efficiency|Environmental protection|Comfort;


5 rows of firepower

Customize your enjoyable bath;

According to the water temperature requirements of the four seasons, the firepower is intelligently adjusted, the air-fuel premixing is even, the combustion is sufficient, and the thermal efficiency is improved. ;

2kW heat load, 89% thermal efficiency;


AC two-speed fan

Low noise operation improves thermal efficiency;

Intelligent wind resistance;


Corrosion-resistant oxygen-free copper water tank

Healthy and durable, fast heat conduction and not easy to oxidize


Low water pressure start

Wide starting water pressure, suitable for various water pressures, enjoy constant temperature hot water;

0.01MPA can be started;


Ultra-low water pressure start, not restricted by the use area

Highly sensitive water flow sensor. Whether it is under 0.02MPa ultra-low water pressure or under relatively small water flow, the water heater can be started;

Urban suburbs, high-rise residential areas, peak water consumption periods;


6 major safety protections

I dare to say if you have the material: I am willing to resist all risks for you;

The anti-electricity protection rejects the electric current in the water, the treasure of the kitchen’s water and electricity shunt technology;

Anti-scalding protection During use, the water temperature rise should be controlled within 5℃ when the water is stopped and then boiled;

Anti-leakage protection The built-in gas source inspection will automatically stop fire and gas if abnormal;

Anti-dry burning protection, the flameout protection will be activated when no water flow enters;

Anti-overtime protection, the machine will automatically turn off after continuous use for more than 20 minutes;

Power-off memory washing avoids repeated adjustments and automatically sets the last water outlet temperature;


Power-on self-check before and after cleaning

Prior to starting the fan, the fan will start to discharge exhaust gas first;

After shutting down, the fan delays to shut down to discharge exhaust gas;


Space Gray. Temperament Fan

Silver-like brushed panel, wear-resistant, durable and fashionable;


Simple genre, precise details

Touch the button to display the temperature in real time;

A good motor is a good heart running with low noise and stability;


High-quality internal layout

Long-lasting corrosion resistance, stable time;


Product parameter

  • Product number:JSQ20-Q11V1
  • Operation method:Touch button
  • Product Category:Thermostat
  • Display method:LED显示屏
  • Product Size:550*350*140mm
  • Temperature adjustment range:30~65℃
  • Energy efficiency rating:level 2
  • Rated heat load:20KW

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