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Oxygen-free copper environmentally friendly heat exchanger, higher thermal efficiency, more durable All copper wire motor, long service life, low temperature rise
With leakage protection, safe and worry-free
Smart touch buttons, large LED display, stylish and beautiful
High-efficiency silent closed burner, more complete combustion, lower exhaust gas emissions
Integrated exhaust system, low noise
High-end models are equipped with "comfort", "energy saving", "timing adjustment" intelligent constant temperature system
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Product Details

Enjoy·safe bath

Poly cutting-edge technology;

Assemble new technologies, double the peace of mind and double the comfort;

Assemble new technologies to achieve true constant temperature

Satisfy multiple needs, just to give you better;

All-round intelligent constant temperature

The G-PLUS 3.0 system ensures that the water heater can be intelligent and constant temperature in all directions;

The digital intelligent constant temperature always keeps the preset temperature constant within ±1℃;

The smart gas ratio ensures that the deviation of the outlet water temperature does not exceed ±1℃;

Automatic segmented combustion, winter and summer two-stage firepower combustion, 4-speed stepless adjustment;

Intelligent variable-speed induced air is adjusted in two gears according to the size of the firepower; thus providing different air volumes for the entire machine;

30-65℃ wide range temperature adjustment.

The water temperature is constant, the water will not be cold in winter, and the bathing water in summer is not hot, caring for you, and there is no pressure on mode conversion;

Four-speed stepless adjustment of firepower

Realize two-stage firepower adjustment in winter and summer, adapt to each set temperature and equip firepower;

High temperature anti-scald The high temperature setting value is 65 degrees Celsius, which can prevent burns due to negligence;

Keep healthy in low temperature The low temperature setting value is 30℃, which can prevent the skin from drying out due to washing dishes and vegetables in winter;

±1℃ Intelligent constant temperature

0.3s instantaneous adjustment, ±1℃ intelligent constant temperature, skin can't feel the change of water temperature;

Infinite frequency conversion fire

Intelligently sense the water volume according to the set temperature, reasonably adjust the ratio of gas and air volume according to the needs, and set the firepower with free frequency conversion, low carbon and energy saving;

Integrated exhaust system

The intake pipe and exhaust pipe work together to ensure the safety of the water heater burning in the room and ensure that all exhaust gas is discharged;

Don't let the crisis take advantage

Dare to say if you have the material: I am willing to resist all risks for you;

Anti-dry, anti-over-temperature, waterproof, anti-overpressure, grounding protection;

DC inverter brushless fan

By adjusting the fan speed to achieve complete oxygen supply and full combustion;


Oxygen-free copper environmental protection water tank

The oxygen-free copper environmental protection water tank is healthy and durable, heat conduction is fast and not easy to oxidize, and it improves the efficiency of the water heater;


Power-off memory

All data such as the current temperature, water volume, mode, etc. can be saved at the moment of power failure, and restored after the power is turned on, avoiding the trouble of setting again;

Ultra-low water pressure start

Wide starting water pressure, suitable for all kinds of water pressure, not limited by the use area, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable bath;

0.01MPA can be started;

Ultra-low water pressure start, not restricted by the use area

Highly sensitive water flow sensor, whether it is under 0.02MPa ultra-low water pressure, or under relatively small water flow, it can start the water heater;

Urban suburbs, high-rise residential areas, peak water consumption periods;

New upgrade for bathing

Double the peace of mind Double the comfort;

60min timing protection;

Scientifically arrange bathing time, use 20-60 minutes regularly, when there is 1 minute left, turn on the alarm prompt;

Silent combustion

Mute setting, the machine noise is controlled below 46 decibels;

Power-on self-check before and after cleaning

The fan starts to discharge the waste before starting up;

After shutting down, the fan delays to shut down to discharge combustion exhaust gas;

product details

Seiko quality, to create new smart technology products, to provide you with perfect products;

Smart touch;

Digital display interface, the temperature display is clear and clear, and the touch operation is simple and convenient;

Sealed body

Sealed body, cold water inlet, gas connection, power cord, hot water outlet;

Rear scale air intake

Prevent dust from entering, not afraid of corrosion to block the machine;

Refining machine bottom structure

Durable quality, anti-corrosion and no rust;

Refining machine bottom structure

Water volume adjustment lever, water volume adjustment lever, so that the product adapts to the environment, pure copper adjustment lever, durable;

The pressure relief safety valve prevents excessive water pressure of the inlet water, effectively protects the water tank, is corrosion-resistant, and is durable;

The gas inlet is designed with a more reasonable inlet, which is safer and more durable;

Product parameter

  • Product number:JSQ25-Q13H3
  • Operation method:Smart touch
  • Product Category:Thermostat
  • Display method:LED display
  • Product Size:550*350*140mm
  • Temperature adjustment range:30~65℃
  • Energy efficiency rating:Level 2
  • Rated heat load:25KW

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