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Product Name


Rear-inlet aluminum-clad tempered glass panel
Flat steel matte enamel hob
Square rear inlet stainless steel water tray
Cast iron burner, round hole embossed ceramic plate
Ion flameout protection, first-class energy efficiency
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Product Details

120 minutes broadband timing

The love for you is not too hot

Chuzhibao infrared timing gas stove;

No smoked pot bottom, 1000 degree firepower, dual-purpose platform embedded, multiple protection, first-class energy efficiency;


120 minutes broadband timing function

My time I cook;

The timing knob countdown design, the timing shutdown function is convenient and practical; the timing shutdown time can be selected arbitrarily within 1~120 minutes, the timing is so convenient;


Smart timing gives you more intimate care

Knob-type intelligent timing highlights the sense of science and technology in the kitchen, making it more convenient to cook and operate;


Green and environmentally friendly, real energy saving, more gas

Only when the gas is fully burned can the firepower be truly energy-saving;

65% thermal efficiency;


Break the tradition, one top two

Double the enjoyment of the same price;


8050 micro fire hole

The surging heat energy blooms evenly;

Large oxygen contact area, energy saving and reducing waste gas;


Evenness is the key to victory

Thanks to the special slight fire, the heating is more even, and it is more suitable for stewing;

The heat of infrared radiation is upwards as a whole;

Other heat from the fire diffuses outwards, the center position;


Honeycomb burner, high temperature and corrosion resistance

2mm micro-flame, wind resistance, dual heating effectively avoids the occurrence of rabbit pinching or burning, energy saving and high efficiency light wave;


Thousand-degree firepower, easy to stir fry

Corresponding choices for different dishes, pay attention to the use of fire, to meet the new style of cooking;

Stir fry on the left is unstoppable and crispy;

The right side is cooked evenly and exudes the original taste;


All in one place, unlock more delicious food

Roast, steam, deep-fry, stir-fry, stew, boil;


Guarding at all times, cook with peace of mind

Double safety protection;

Pulse electronic ignition does not require pressing and waiting, and the ion flameout protection technology quickly cuts off the power supply in 4-6 seconds;

Child lock knob, push type to prevent children from accidentally opening;


760mm large panel

It can not only match various hood sizes, but also place large-capacity pots;


High-strength explosion-proof tempered glass

It is clean with one wipe, bright and clean as new, farewell to difficult to clean;


Details reflect quality

Honeycomb burner, non-slip energy-gathering bracket, non-slip rubber stove foot, air door adjustment plate, threaded air inlet, battery box;


Product parameter

  • Product number:CA2629GT
  • Panel material:Tempered glass panel
  • Product Size:760x440×140mm
  • Hole Size:665×355mm
  • Ignition method:High voltage pulse ignition
  • Rated heat load (KW):Left 3.2, right 3.2
  • Applicable air source:Liquefied Petroleum Gas 20Y/Natural Gas 12T
  • Flameout protection:Ion flameout protection

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