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Product Name


High quality spray panel
Cast iron burner
Enamel stove
Integral infrared round hole ceramic plate
Ion flameout protection, first-class energy efficiency
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Product Details

Two options

(The following two models are only in different colors and other configurations are the same internally, please rest assured to buy);

Simmer on low heat and stir fry on high heat

Slowly simmer the original flavor at low heat, lock in nutrition, stir fry at high heat, and stir fry easily, making it fragrant;


Really energy-saving and gas-saving;

Only when the gas is fully burned can the firepower be truly energy-saving;

68% thermal efficiency;

Delicious direct

Kitchen treasure

Broadband multi-stage fire control

Adjust multi-level firepower as you like, fry, stir-fry, stew, and deep-fry everything;

Insulation fire, soup fire, decoction fire, quick stir-fry fire, stir-fry fire;

Break the tradition, one top two

Double the enjoyment of the same price;

Material comparison Firepower comparison

Cordierite burning plate: strong and durable, not deformed, durable;

Ordinary combustion plate: easy to corrode and block, deform easily when heated, and easy to scorch;

Infrared energy-saving stove: the fire holes are evenly distributed, the firepower is more concentrated, and the area is enlarged;

Ordinary gas stove: uneven distribution of fire holes, scattered firepower, and limited heating area;

Stir-fried and slow-cooked are excellent

Stir-fry on high fire, simmer slowly on low fire, and use fire to meet more cooking needs;

Slowly simmer the original flavor to lock in nutrition;

Stir-fry with great fire, easily stir-fry fierce and fragrant;

Honeycomb burner

Patented "metal honeycomb type" burner, 8050 burning holes are evenly distributed on the burner, the surface is covered with metal, high temperature and corrosion resistance;

Patent number: ZL200920060234.X;

Stir-fry easily at 1100℃ high heat

Stir-fry with blazing fire, retain the nutrition of the ingredients and quickly enhance the crispy taste of the food;

No smoke, no open fire, no gas, no black pot

The combustion is completed inside the burner, and the heat energy is transmitted through infrared rays after full combustion, no visible flame, no black pot;

Dish-shaped energy-concentrated stove rack

Wind-proof and energy-gathering, full combustion does not smoke, the pot is resistant to high temperature and does not deform;

Intelligent second-speed ignition

Quickly ignite delicious food without waiting to enjoy cooking fun;

Teflon non-stick oil panel

The panel is made of Teflon, no oil, easy to clean and lightly wipe, as clean as ever;

Safe child lock protection

Push-type child lock design, not afraid of accidents caused by accidental opening of children;

Not afraid of getting dirty and easy to clean

The internal temperature of the burner is high, even if bones, grease, or vegetable leaves fall on the burner, the pages will be carbonized and turned into powder due to the high temperature, and the fire hole will not be blocked;

With flameout protection to protect family safety

In case of accidental flameout, 0.1s response, 4s quickly cut off the gas source;

Product parameter

  • Product number:D2203LMD
  • Heat load (KW):Left 3.2 Right 3.2
  • Product Size:720x390×110mm
  • Ignition method:High voltage pulse ignition

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