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Tempered glass panel
Glass panel anti-scalding warning, aluminum alloy burner, black sprayed direct flame copper cover
Gold-rimmed aluminum base, rectangular water tray
Steel plate matt enamel heat-insulating four-ear furnace frame + heat-insulating baffle
Thermocouple flameout protection,-level energy efficiency
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Product Details

Super flames

Stir-fried taste is more fragrant;

"4.8KW super fierce fire";


Six big


Fast ignition technology, 4.8KW direct injection violent fire, explosion-proof glass panel, national standard first-class energy efficiency, square energy-concentrating furnace frame, 3D stereo oxygen intake;


4800 watts

Stir-fried dishes are delicious in color and taste;

Directly spray the bottom of the pot with a strong and fierce fire, stir fry with fresh fragrance and tenderness;


How powerful is 48KW?

How long does it take to boil 600ml/ml of water;

Short time consumption, 4.8KW short time consumption;


I don’t want to wait any longer

You can let go with one click, which saves time and effort compared with ordinary ignition;

Pulse "zero-second ignition", can be instantly energized to ensure the required working state, it can be triggered immediately without waiting;


Real copper is really fierce, not easy to rust and not easy to deform

Stable performance, long-term burning without fading and rusting;


Why choose copper fire cover

Kitchen treasure copper fire cover, copper has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust;

Stainless steel fire cover, low cost, not resistant to high temperature, easy to deform and easy to oxidize;

The iron fire cover is easy to rust, and the rust spots block the vent of the fire cover for a long time, causing the flame to fail to burn;


Level 1 energy efficiency

Energy-saving talents;

Thermal efficiency ≥63%, the more gas-saving the gas stove, the more efficient the combustion, the more energy-saving and gas-saving cooking


Square energy-gathering ring, energy saving visible

Accumulate heat energy like baking, and the firepower will not overflow;


Triple thoughtful design

Give you intimate protection;

Thermocouple flameout protection: the thermocouple flameout protection, the flameout protection device automatically closes the gas valve when there is a pot overflow or other accidents;


Child lock protection

To avoid accidents when children touch the knob, you only need to gently press the rotary switch to ignite successfully;


Dual purpose

Free installation, unrestricted, directly use embedded installation to save space when placed on the table;


product details

Waterproof liquid design to avoid leakage of soup;

Easy to disassemble the battery box is easy and easy to disassemble;

The control damper adjusts the flame abnormally;

The non-slip foot pad does not slide;


Product parameter

  • Product number:C1502GX
  • Panel material:Explosion-proof glass panel
  • Product Size:750x430×150mm
  • Hole Size:650×350mm
  • Ignition method:High voltage pulse ignition
  • Rated heat load (KW):Left 4.8, right 4.8
  • Applicable air source:Liquefied Petroleum Gas 20Y/Natural Gas 12T
  • Flameout protection:Thermocouple flameout protection



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