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Tempered glass panel
100 high foot burner, round with positioning water tray
Thermocouple flameout protection, first-class energy efficiency
Round positioning water tray, easy to install
Matte enamel heat-insulating four-ear stove frame, black gold-rimmed straight fire copper cover
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Product Details

Big firepower stove

Extract more delicious

Two levels of firepower|first-level energy efficiency|flame-out protection;


Innovative Technology

Innovative technology 0 seconds of instantaneous combustion, 4.3KW/kw direct injection and fierce fire, wanton stir, three-dimensional air intake full combustion, full air intake combustion, energy-concentrating furnace frame, energy-saving flames, child lock protection to the point and automatic flameout, first-level energy efficiency and low energy saving The copper fire cover will last forever, and the flameout protection will automatically stop the gas when the flameout is stopped;


4.3KW shaped direct fire

Stir-fry with strength and quick out of the pot

The flame wraps the pot evenly, the stir-frying is more powerful, and the ingredients are tightly locked;



4.3KW firepower

How fierce is it?

How long does it take to boil 400ml of water;


Blue flames

No need to stay for long for delicious;

Cooking is more enjoyable and stir-frying without worry;

High thermal efficiency, 4.3KW stir fry;


Get multi-stage firepower in one go

From the low fire to the whirlwind stir-fry, you can control the heat for many stages;

High fire: suitable for stir-fried chili, twice-cooked pork, spicy chicken and deep-fried fatty intestines...;

Medium heat: suitable for small stir-fried vegetable broccoli, tomato scrambled eggs, cucumber fried ham...;

Low fire: suitable for soup, yam pork bone soup, tomato beef soup, mushroom and old chicken soup...;


National standard first-level energy efficiency

Cooking energy saving and gas saving;

Green kitchen, higher gas utilization rate;

Thermal efficiency 63%;


Flameout protection device

Reject the risk of gas leakage;

If the flame is accidentally turned off, the gas source will be automatically shut down to prevent accidents;

Flameout protection, rapid ignition;


Anti-scalding child lock button

Avoid accidental ignition by children

Intimate child lock design, fundamentally prevent accidents;

1. Press down, 2. Turn the knob to the left to ignite;


Heat insulation and anti-scalding design

Stir-frying is not hot;

Heat is not easily lost, and cooking is effective in preventing scalding;


product details

Tempered glass is beautiful and easy to clean, copper forging is anticorrosive and high temperature resistant, dual-purpose air inlet 360° is convenient to take over, and non-slip foot pad does not slide;


Product parameter

  • Product number:C1350GX
  • Panel material:Explosion-proof glass panel
  • Product Size:730x410x150mm
  • Hole Size:630x330
  • Ignition method:High voltage pulse ignition
  • Rated heat load (KW):Left 4.3, right 4.3
  • Applicable air source:Liquefied Petroleum Gas 20Y/Natural Gas 12T
  • Flameout protection:Thermocouple flameout protection

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