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Overall spray matte black
5mm thick aluminum alloy furnace ears
Whole round hole pottery plate
Applicable gas: 95% butane gas
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Product Details

No smoke and no open flame

No smoke and no open flame: infrared radiation transmission reduces harmful smoke emissions;

Gather energy and save gas: thermal efficiency is as high as 68% and gas is saved by 40%;

Lightweight and portable: small size is more portable for outdoor travel;


Flameless combustion, less smoke

2.1KW firepower infrared radiation transmission;

The combustion is completed inside the radiant panel. The radiant panel converts heat energy into infrared radiation and transfers heat more uniformly, with less oily smoke and not easy to stick to the pot;

The biggest difference between the appearance of an infrared gas stove and an ordinary atmospheric stove is the burner, which is composed of an enlarged cast iron burner and a ceramic infrared radiation plate. When burning, the gas and air are pre-mixed in the burner and burned evenly in the holes of the radiant plate. After 40-50 seconds, the radiant plate is heated to about 1100°C. At this time, the surface of the plate is red and radiates 2 micron infrared rays. Perform infrared radiation heat transfer.


The wind can't extinguish, the water can't extinguish

Infrared heat transfer, almost no visible flame, with good wind resistance, 8050 burning holes, which are instantly ignited by adjacent burning fire holes when it encounters water;


Ceramic burner, energy-saving

The fire is evenly energy-saving and gas-saving;

Infrared ceramic burner, high temperature and corrosion resistance, uniform fire, high efficiency and energy saving, widened air inlet and more fully burned;

The thermal efficiency is as high as 68%, and the gas saving is 40%;


Ceramic honeycomb burner

The ceramic honeycomb burner is evenly heated and has high thermal efficiency;

Multi-level firepower, multi-level firepower, adjust as you like;

Multi-level firepower adjustment, suitable for frying, stewing and other cooking places;



Insulation fire, soup fire, stir-fry fire


Overvoltage protection safety device

Instantaneously stop gas and flame retardant;

Overpressure protection, cut off gas and flame retardant, flameout protection to prevent gas leakage, and convection system to prevent backfire;

The convection system prevents backfire. When the pressure is too high, the protection device will automatically start the flameout protection to prevent gas leakage, which is safe and secure;


Automatic unloading, safer

The stopcock automatically retracts the tank to the flame-out position to prevent air leakage and prevent danger;


Small size and easy to carry

Lightweight and thin, just carry it away;

Slim and compact, easy to store and carry, carry a carrying case, more portable travel, camping in the wild, hotel hot pot, kitchen and household use in multiple scenarios;

Only weight: 1.65KG length <34.3CM;


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